Nicole and Sander’s Baby Shower BBQ, Tilden Park, Berkeley, California

I haven’t blogged many of my personal/ self-assigned shoots from this summer, so in the interest of bringing the season to a close (and preparing for the 7 or so weddings I have this fall!), I’m going to make a big effort to share them with you.

First up is my good friend Nicole’s baby shower. I hate to say it, but Nicole and Sander were such the center of attention, that I didn’t really get any shots of them! Just a few random shots that I love of puppies, kids, and friends.

Here’s our friends’ dog, Xander, on the drive to Berkeley. He feels most comfortable this way… he’s a shy little guy.

And Xander’s new friend!

I’ve known Nicole since high school, so it’s wonderful to have been at her wedding last fall, and now at her baby festivities! Piper Morgaine was born in late July, and I will hopefully be meeting her very soon (and, certainly, sharing baby photos afterward).

This, however, is a shot of Aerielle:

And this shot from Nicole and Sander’s wedding back in October… aw, cuties. Congratulations new parents!

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