Me!, some early pregnancy photos

I guess these are almost mid stage pregnancy shots, not early ones. I can’t believe I’m already almost 20 weeks, halfway! Crazy. You’ll see from these shots which are almost 2 weeks old (I’m even bigger now!) that I’m definitely showing:

I took these photos on Halloween to track my belly’s growth, now that it’s really shooting out day by day. I’m even bigger now. Scary but wonderful! Do you guys want to see continued belly progress photos as I grow? Or is this already an overshare? ; )

I so appreciate all of your comments and emails of support. I waited to go public until I was obviously showing because I didn’t want to freak anyone out (“you’re pregnant and shooting my wedding??”) during the final months of my busy season. But I obviously needn’t have worried, as everyone’s been nothing but sweet and excited. So thank you!

(here she is again – pretty cute, right??

Here are a few more shots of a little belly showing – this one goes back to mid October, on our trip to Mendocino, when I was about 15 weeks. Oh, what a difference a few weeks can make!

Now, for a few work related particulars:
– I am planning to work through February, and may do some smaller shoots in March, depending on how I feel and what comes my way. Then I will be taking April off entirely (baby is due 4/5/10), and will return to work by June 1st. I plan to be in touch here and there (answering phone calls and emails a few times a week or so) but look forward to taking some good time off with our little girl!
– I will continue to book weddings and other shoots, for now through February, and from June 1st on. This baby is pretty good timing for wedding season, so I look forward to shooting the June-October 2010 season and beyond!
– I’m happy to address any concerns or questions potential or current clients have about my maternity leave or post partum time, and how it will affect your event or shoot (short story: it won’t, unless you want to see baby pictures!). I’m working with my husband and a great community of friend photographers to ensure that my new family has what it needs to thrive, while my clients get what they need and deserve as well. So I’m planning a lot of things out now and am going to remain very flexible in the next year!

I hope that’s not too much information… I know some photographers don’t share any personal details on their blogs, but that’s not how I roll, so I figured, why not let it all out there.

I’m so grateful for my wonderful, caring clients, and my community, and I can’t wait to bring this baby girl into the world to meet you all! xoxo

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