Harper, Morgan, and Kennon’s pregnant belly, Crockett Hills Regional Park

I’ve been taking pictures of Harper, my cousin’s daughter, since she was 6 days old.  I photographed her parents’ wedding, as well.  Symphony and Harper are just about the same age, and have really similar temperaments, so it is wonderful to watch them grow together.  Kennon and Morgan and Harper’s family has grown to include a new baby girl, but I got to take some pictures of this special threesome before baby Eloise was born.  I just love the light at this location near their house in Crockett! I love the wall o’Harper (all photos by yours truly!):

 And since I brought along my trust sidekick/ camera assistant, this post is sprinkled with Symphony cuteness too:

But the focus is on this sweet family, soon to be 4 (and newborn portraits to be posted soon!)

Is there anything sweeter than these little girl cousins?


 I’m happy to say sweet baby Eloise was born earlier this year, and I got to photograph her at a few weeks old, so check back for those portraits soon.

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