Sam envisioned proposing to his beautiful girlfriend, Meg, on a peaceful, stunning peak of Mount Tamalpais.  And he wanted photos of that special moment!  So he and I worked out a plan, and right before Christmas, he took her for a very casual hike…  showed her the beauty of Stinson Beach & Bolinas in the distance…  chatted briefly with a friendly photographer who happened to be out to capture the view ; ) …  and then got down on one knee!

      I had to use some of my improv/ acting skills, since there was no way I would’ve been able to hide in the bushes without being super obvious and/ or super creepy, but I think we pulled it off perfectly.  I loved getting to capture Meg’s reaction, and some quick portraits of the two of them just after getting engaged – and the breathtaking, gorgeous views of the ocean.  

      When I think of Mount Tam, I usually think of spring or summer hikes, bright blue skies and water, and lots of flowers and life.  You can see almost the exact same hilltop spot in the photos we did at this Bolinas wedding, but in the brilliant light of late summertime.  But it was fantastic to have a reason to explore the mountain in the heart of winter.  Those steel gray skies and ocean views – the silvery soft light of the solstice sun dribbling down – the evergreen trees against the mix of green and gold hills.  It was amazing!  After Meg & Sam headed off to celebrate, I took a few minutes just to watch the views.  I had the whole mountaintop almost entirely to myself, and I saw a hawk and a rabbit (as well as many possibly-insane mountain bikers heading up).  I also got to drive back down through beautiful a redwood forest, and then stopped at my favorite place – Stinson Beach – to watch the last bit of sunshine over the water. 

      What a perfect day!