Morgan and Kennon’s Engagement Party

Yesterday Devon and I had the pleasure of being guest’s at my cousin Morgan’s enagement party! He’s marrying his girlfriend, Kennon, at V. Sattui winery this fall and I am thrilled to be their wedding photographer.

Morgan’s mother, Constance, is like an aunt/ close friend/ mom to me. She’s one of the most amazing women I know! Her mother and my mom’s mother were identical twins, and our families have always been very close and connected by more than blood. If you get my mom and Constance, and their other girl cousins (there are bunches) in a room, you’ll be amazed at how they all have the same girlish laugh that my grandmother and great-aunt shared.

My grandma and her sister died within months of each other in 2000. I still miss her very much, but I’m so glad I can be close to my family through my cousins, aunts, uncles, and immediate family.

Anyway, because our moms were more like sisters than cousins and because we grew up in Petaluma together, Morgan and his two brothers are more like brothers to me. I am so excited that Morgan has found his true love in beautiful, sweet Kennon, and I cannot wait for their awesome wedding day!

Yesterday I was strictly a guest, but of course I had to at least take a few shots. We also had a blast visiting with Adi and Gabe. Adi grew up with the 3 boys so she is also a psuedo-cousin to me, and one of my best friends. She made Morgan and Kennon an awesome bouquet with a “ball and chain” necklace. Good times!

It was hot, sunny, and we had champagne, delicious snacks, and great company. Guess who did’t think she would really need sunscreen?

I’m the only redhead in my family (my grandfather and great grandmother were also redheads) and most of them grew up at the beach or in the sun otherwise. So I’m the only one who needs to worry about sunscreen! And normally I am so good 🙂
Still, it was worth it. And now I’ll get freckles.

Edited: Slideshow has been removed, 10/16/2008.