Liz and Gabe portraits, Santa Rosa

My friend, Liz, is a talented photographer (and great assistant – you might have seen her with me at a wedding or portrait shoot), so I was stoked when she asked if I would shoot their holiday photos this year. Not only have I wanted to do some cute photos of Liz and her husband, Gabe, for awhile, but this meant I could also ask her to photograph me and Devon in our new house! I’ll share those soon (because I seriously adore how they look, and I don’t exactly love being in front of the camera), but for now I am thrilled to share with you the photos of these cutie pies.

Gabe is an amazing writer and musician, and the dude just knows all kinds of random facts (especially about Santa Rosa) and has tons of cool ideas. So the shoot was a combination of his art direction, my reeling him in at certain times (mostly trying to get him to slow down a bit with all the great ideas), and Liz’s cuteness. And I think we got some great stuff…

I can’t tell you exactly where we went for the shoot – since it was technically trespassing – but it was a lot of fun to photograph.

Gabe’s main concept was playing cards in the kind of hobo-graffiti kid area we shot in, but being me, I also had to push for lots of regular portrait shots, with plain old cuteness and affection.

He (or was it Liz?) also had this rad idea of throwing all of the cards in the air, and I love how it turned out!

I think this should be the album cover for Gabe’s first jazz album…

Pardon the offensive graffiti, but I love this shot:

So much cuteness! Thanks again, you guys, I really had fun.