Genevieve and John, Mission Engagement Portraits, San Francisco

I’ve been sitting on these two lovebirds’ photos for awhile, and I’m glad.  Because now I get to showcase their journey as a family, from engagement portraits, through to photos or their newborn baby.  I’ve seen several of “my” couples recently have babies, and it’s such a thrill to get to witness their families growing so intimately.  What an honor! So, for today: their engagement session, back when the family of just two could fit in a small apartment in the Mission District, in an alleyway with beautiful murals all over the walls.  Back before San Francisco apartments in the Mission District became even more insanely expensive.  They’ve had to move since, to make room for their sweet baby J, so I’m glad that we had a chance to photograph their home and neighborhood when we did.  (And you know we got to use the excuse to go to Tartine, get Bi-Rite soft serve, wander around Dolores Park and Guerrero Street’s grassy medians…) I’m planning to share their wedding, maternity portraits, and newborn pictures all in the coming week or so.  Stay tuned!