Oh, sweet newborn love!  These photos are a few months old now, and I’m dying to see what beautiful Zoe is up to these days.  Those first weeks and months feel like a lifetime when you’re holding the newest love of your life constantly, but when they’re over, it’s like they were a blurry dream.  Hopefully, that’s where photos come in!

      Tolu and Mackinnon are beautiful inside and out, so it follows that they made the cutest little girl.  She was awake for hours – at only a week old! – but finally got milk drunk enough and swaddled tightly enough to pass out in that blissful baby-coma style that only newborns can…


       I think it goes without saying that parenthood suits these two wonderfully.  Let’s make a playdate soon!  Symphony’s begging to hold Zoe… “I LOVE her!”.