Newborn Portraits, Windsor, Sonoma County, baby Wyatt

I photographed newborn Wyatt in the height of one pandemic summer, sweating in my mask and yearning to hold this sweet little baby boy myself! I love doing baby portraits and, as I’ve said before, instead of posing newborns in baskets or with props, I prefer to photograph the real life version of those new baby days… even the crying, diaper blowouts, pee in the face, nursing and, most of all, the sweetness of the sleepy, scrunched up tiny babies in their parents’ arms. It’s such a wild, unique time of life, and although the hours of parenting an infant can feel like they drag on forever, the months fly by, and the baby changes by the day. So, while I do of course capture newborn portraits worthy of the birth announcement, I also love photos that depict that lovely chaos (although, in this case, Wyatt was extremely easy-going, awake, and charming, and Viv was maybe the calmest, most confident-seeming new mom I’ve known!).

I do newborn photography all over Sonoma County, as well as in Marin, San Francisco, the South Bay, Sacramento, and beyond. You can book me for your maternity portraits, and we’ll make it a package so you’re all set for newborn portraits, too, and all we have to do once the baby arrives is name the day!

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