Here is my most darling girl – about two years ago! – photographed on film, with a few miscellaneous shots from our garden.  I’ve got a treasure trove of older photos to post.  It’s amazing to me that I thought this little tiny girl was so grown up at the time.  Now her legs are like stilts, and her hair flows down way past her shoulders.  It’s much less curly these days, too.  I’m so SO grateful to past-me that I took a zillion pictures of Symphony.  Each new age seems to squeeze out memories of the ones that came before, and looking through these old photos helps bring it back.  I do feel yearning for this tiny girl, but it makes me so happy to know that the person she is now is the girl of all of these ages combined, and that she’ll keep building on her amazing self as time passes. You cannot imagine how loving and sweet Symphony is.  She’s sassy and very independent/ strong-willed, but she tells me how much she loves me every day – she has never yet stopped wanting hugs and kisses and cuddles – and she makes up heart-burstingly sweet songs about how wonderful I am.  So, you can see why I have to go overboard in sharing photos, stories and videos of my girl (mainly on my personal social media stuff).  We’re head over heels for her! Quick film lesson: here’s underexposure: And overexposure:

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