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I’m sad that the blog is so neglected, but so NOT neglected are: my clients!  My shoots!  My family!  Someday (sooner than I think), I will bittersweetly have a big girl child in elementary school full time (for now, she’s starting preschool, and is thrilled!).  Perhaps then I will wonder what to do with myself, and catch up on All Of The Things.  For now, I’m sharing what feels most immediate (even though it’s months old) – the first rolls from my fabulous Mamiya 645 film camera.  And, of course, my Symphony!


Here we are on Mother’s Day (told you I was behind), with my mother – one of Symphony’s best friends, her grammie.


I knitted this impractical cotton dress, which she likes.  She does NOT love having her portrait taken, though…  A friend who is a baker has a son who loves to grin for the camera.  My daughter loves sugary treats more than anything.  I recommended we trade 😉

Brushing her other grandmother’s hair.  She gets the curls from all sides!

  And the beach!  

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