Jess, Jonno and baby Grace, private estate, Saint Helena

Baby Grace!  This angel face lives up to her name (which is one of my favorite baby girl names).  Her parents are equally graceful, kind and beautiful people, and I feel so lucky that I got to photograph their wedding – with Grace along for the party!  And even luckier that I had this chance to do some quick portraits of Grace a few days before the wedding (which I’ll post here soon).  We had a little window of time between their many planning/ celebrating/ family events that week, and before it (quite randomly for Napa in August?!) started raining, but look at all of the beautiful expressions this blue eyed babe has.  There is probably nothing better in this whole world than getting a baby you’ve just met to grin!  Although her thoughtful faces are perhaps even more compelling; she’s definitely got a lot going on in there.  I can’t wait to meet her once she’s talking!

And a few shots before I headed north on highway 29 to go back over the mountain.  I never, ever get tired of where I live.