Symphony through the seasons – Spring

015symphyspring000020200018 More Symphony Through the Seasons!  Here’s my sweet love bug in the spring.  With cookies and flowers (of course).  You can see why people love film so very much – look at that girl’s creamy, beautiful skin! 001symphyspringsummerluv000094520015 002symphyspringsummerluv000094520012 004symphyspring000094470028 005symphyspring000094470027 006symphyspring000012410009 007symphyspring000012410008 008symphyspring000034020007 (1) She’s got all kinds of faces. 009symphyspring000034020005 (1) 010symphyspring000034020004 (1) 011symphyspring000034020003 Here she’s getting her first haircut (other than me snipping out an occasional toddler sleep-squirming-induced dreadlock) from her daddy.  She’s thrilled but exhausted, so you can’t tell how happy it made her to have her dad cut her hair.  I just love these two! 013symphyspring000020200029 014symphyspring000020200027 012symphyspring000020200031 And here she is on her 4th birthday! 016symphyspring000020200017 017symphyspring000020200015 018symphyspring000020200013 019symphyspring000020200009 I can’t believe this girl’s already 6 years old (!) and about to finish up kindergarten.  Holy wow!