Lots to update

Changes around here! The shift from 85 degree Northern California “Fall” to actual cold (welll, 55 degrees feels cold to me!), grey, daylight savings time, winter-y autumn. I am not a huge fan (my favorite things to do include riding bikes, swimming/ going to the beach, laying in grass, taking pictures outside, etc) of winter but I am trying to keep the positive aspects in mind – getting ready for a new year gives me time to update my wedding packages, techniques, gear, and hopefully, new website; I do enjoy the holidays and warmth of being inside with family; bringing our now almost-as-tall-as-me christmas tree inside (my mom gave us a little baby tree years ago and it just keeps growing!) and decorating it with lights and faux flowers; baking treats and cooking hearty stuff like baked potatoes and veggie chili and lasagna; etc.

Plus, Dev and I booked our “real” honeymoon (finally!) for our first anniversary – the second week of December, we will be in gorgeous Kauai!!! Neither of us has been, and I am so excited to just lay on the beach (with a big ole hat and lots of sunscreen), swim with the sea turtles, and teach Devon to snorkle. Expect lots of pictures of beautiful blue seas and clear skies (I hope)!
My wedding dress, last year on December 15th:

Other changes: I got a haircut after much procrastinating and everyone thinks it’s super cute; I got this iMac up and running in about 10 minutes and am able to edit photos with a lightning fast speed; now that I am (probably) done shooting weddings for the year, I get to spend my time doing engagement portraits, kids’ portraits, holiday portraits, and talking with lots of cool couples who are getting married in 2007! I love meeting with my “potentials” (geeky Buffy reference – sorry) because the couples who are attracted to my photography are typically very creative and hip, and I love that they are willing to share their big day with me!

Now… back to finishing up Chris and Christine’s wedding (gorgeous! what a fun party that was!) so I can get to posting some more stuff for you to see.