Kunde is my favorite winery to photograph weddings.  I used to say “one of my favorites”, and it’s true in a way – there are just so many very beautiful locations in Sonoma and Napa! – but I think I need to just admit that Kunde has and will always have a special place in my heart.  I usually shoot there a few times a year, more than any other location, and I’ve never grown tired of that amazing view.  360 degrees of beauty is a photographer’s dream.  Plus, I adore the event staff at Kunde (and I think the feeling is mutual – they’ve got one of my wedding photos on the homepage!  That one’s from Jocelyne and Daniel’s fantastic Kunde wedding).

      Jenny and Ben came out from the East Coast to celebrate with their family and friends throughout the hills at Kunde.  And did they ever celebrate!!  First, they got ready and had a first look down at Hill House.  Then, we all trekked way way up to Olive Hill for the badeken, the traditional Jewish bridal unveiling ceremony; before moving to Boot Hill for the wedding ceremony and party.  They incorporated many Jewish traditions, rituals, and symbols throughout the day – and they did it with probably the MOST joy and celebration that I’ve ever seen at a wedding!  There were many hours of singing, dancing, drinking, laughing and enjoying each other.

      Somehow, they managed to have the most traditionally religious ceremony and rituals while simultaneously having a raucous, riotously happy party, and I have never seen anything like it!  Everyone danced and sang equally to the Hava Nagila and the R&B standards all sung band from Oakland.  I clearly loved it, so I clearly had to share dozens and dozens of photos.  It was easy to capture a ton of great candids with such expressive, kind, excited people.  Thank you so so much, Jenny and Ben!  It was a while ago, but these photos still bring a smile to my face.  Mazel tov!