Hotel Healdsburg Engagement Photographer; Camila and Marco, downtown Healdsburg

Healdsburg engagement photo session

We did Marco and Camila’s engagement photography session in downtown Healdsburg, near the Hotel Healdsburg where they were staying… right after they got engaged! When Marco contacted me about doing a proposal photo shoot, he was clear that he wanted to have the actual proposal be a private moment for the two of them, then to give themselves time to shower and dress up, and Camila time for a manicure, before our evening engagement shoot. I loved that idea so much! I’ll always be happy to do proposal photography, but I also think it can be so beautiful to have that moment be just for the couple. This way of doing the engagement shoot not long after the proposal is the perfect way of capturing the elation and love of the proposal, without the potential overwhelm of hidden proposal photography. (In other words: if you’re proposing to someone who would be horrified to be thrown a surprise party, I’d recommend doing it this way!)

(If you’re planning to propose, and have questions about how to do it, or want to bounce ideas off of someone who’s been proposed to as well as photographed many, contact me! I’d be glad to talk you through the pros and cons of each way of doing it, to work out a weather backup option, and to create a flexible but clear strategy!)

Camila and Marco were so easy to photograph, as they were fun and relaxed, and over the moon with their brand new engagement. We walked, snuggled and twirled around the hotel and throughout downtown Healdsburg and the square. We fit two outfits, and a ton of mini locations, into an hour or so, and I’m thrilled with how the photos turned out!

Hotel Healdsburg Engagement Photographer