I have been a good girl all year, very patient with my eMac (384 MB RAM and 700 MHz, dude!) even after starting to shoot 90% digital! And it is finally paying off cause I bought this guy!!

I finally have the time to buy the computer I want and get everything transferred and up and running on it…
Well, okay, almost have time.
I ordered it yesterday at noon and it arrived TODAY at 10am! I was a little shocked and pretty unprepared – my office is still getting organized and cleaned up.

So the pretty new (20″ monitor!) computer is out of its box, staring at me, waiting ever so patiently…

Man, this blog has been like a big commercial lately! I swear I will have many many many more photos up soon… as soon as I get more of that “spare time” thing.

Soon! That’s what winter’s for!