FDC Design Build, Petaluma

I’m working on adding an “Interiors & Design” section to my website portfolios, and am going through a ton of older work I haven’t yet shared.  So here we go!  This is technically all exteriors, but since I’m shooting landscape architecture for my friends at FDC Design Build, I think that whole “outdoor spaces for living in” thing counts.  While I love photographing people, the challenge of finding the personality & character in a landscape (particularly a designed one) is an extension of that.  And I always love getting to explore and photograph parts of Sonoma County that are new to me!  These gardens were all in my hometown, but with new perspectives I’d never seen.  So cool! [ngg src=”galleries” ids=”76″ sortorder=”4719,4720,4721,4722,4723,4724,4725,4726,4727,4728,4729,4730,4731,4732,4733,4734,4735,4736,4737,4738,4739,4740,4741,4742,4743,4744,4745,4746,4747,4748,4749,4750,4751,4752,4753,4754,4755,4756,4757,4758,4759,4760,4761,4762,4763,4764,4765,4766″ display=”pro_mosaic” row_height=”350″]