the girl and the fig Summer Staff Party #2/ 2015, Jack London State Park – with Trancendence Theater Company – Glen Ellen


In my previous post, I raved (embarrassingly so, but I stand by it, because: yum!) about the girl and the fig, and shared some favorite photos from a staff party that I covered for the owner of the girl and the fig, who thinks of her employee team as family.

The previous party was fun, and very chill.  But this was?  Was over the top!  SO fun!  So much going on!  I’m talking about Jack London State Park’s beauty; the Transcendence Theater Company’s family friendly musical show (overlooking vineyards, hills, winery ruins, and general Sonoma summer gorgeousness); all of the best food trucks from the Bay Area; camels!; bounce house!; and my friend Tobias’s Traveling Spectacular caravan!!  My daughter had to stay home sick, which I am still kicking myself about, because this party was amazing.  Is the term “off the chain” still used?

Here’s to an equally amazing party this summer.  Although I have no clue how you could ever match or top this one!

The whole time Tobias was doing this, I was going “ahhhhh, noooooo, stop!!”.  He seems so quiet and mellow; and then he’s up on stage doing magic and swallowing swords!?!

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