Nicole and Michael’s Vow Renewal

I keep thinking of doing a vow renewal with Devon (my husband of 12 years somehow?!).  This couple decided to include not only their adorable, on-the-move toddler in their 10 year anniversary vow renewal get away weekend in Guerneville, but their whole dang crew!  Since so many of their closest friends also have babies/ toddlers, they decided to rent a big house and make a vacation out of their celebration.    And while it’s a completely different scene once you have a baby in the mix – note the mid-ceremony diaper change! – it’s even more joyous and beautiful, when you get to have your kid with you to celebrate your marriage.  Ten years should maybe even be a bigger, wilder, more exuberant celebration than the wedding, because that’s where you know you’ve put in the work and you’ve moved past the honeymoon years, through challenges, and on to a strong and connected partnership.  Especially after surviving a newborn and infancy together! Nicole and Michael, thank you for letting me capture your hilarious, cute, loving and vibrant vow renewal in some of my favorite redwoods in Armstrong Woods.  Here’s to many more decade anniversaries!