Bowling Night! Petaluma, California

Bowling Night!!

Although some of our friends have had a weekly bowling night for a long time, this was my first time going, mostly because prior to it, the best I had ever bowled was a 62 (like 10 years ago). However, I went and I had fun, AND I even bowled something like an 87 (!) before getting exhausted and going home at 11pm (adult bowl goes till midnight). And that’s pretty much how I roll.

Most of us grew up in Petaluma (or at least Sonoma County), so it was a mega flashback to return. I think every kid there had attended at least one Birthday Party there in the past.

Alyssa buying socks:

However… now we’re big kids who can go to the bar! (okay, so I don’t really drink, but it’s fun to be able to walk in there)

We also all remember when there was still smoking in the bowling alley (sounds so gross now, but, hey, it was the 20th century), and eating the best french fries from the cafe there… and it definitely grosses me out to think of the “bowling ball cooties” we disregarded when eating our fries. Yuck, wash your hands kids!

I love that my husband and many of my friends have such common reference points – I’ve known Devon since he was 14, and he’s been friends with many of his best friends for over 15 years!

Here’s Josh, who bought a Firefox shirt in a fit of nerd-dom:

He may not look it… but Jared is a crazy good bowling shark! 800 club (?!), here you come!