A colleague posted this link on a photographers’ forum; very interesting. It got me thinknig about how sometimes being a woman is hard.

I always try very hard to honor each person/ couple/ family’s natural beauty and personality. You may have noticed that my work is not high fashion, or even typically shot in a studio – I am a firm believer in focusing on and magnifying the existing beauty in nature and humans, which also usually involves natural light and relaxed poses. I really see beauty in each of my clients, and I love how it is echoed in the photos in each individuals’ ways – some are shy and subtle, others over the top and hamming it up – some solemn and serious, others joyful and giggly – I truly love it all!

I find that this is the best way to capture real emotions, moments, and personas. I am a pretty intuitive person, and I think that this is one of the few professions which uses that skill.

Anyway, I think all of us (women and men, but us ladies are the ones typically bombarded with all kinds of crazy media messages) need to try to remember to love how we look and value all the stuff inside more. I am totally guilty of reading all the tabloid mags at the gym, and getting sucked into the ridiculous size 0 models and actresses who are probably miserable and still don’t feel good about themselves.

I’m not into free advertising for Dove, but at the same time… please check this out.