Beauty part 2

A few days after posting that last entry, I went with a friend to a midnight showing of the new movie “Marie Antoinette”. While I really liked it, and enjoy Sofia Coppola’s movies in general, there really wasn’t much substance to it – fluff, candy, colors, champagne, flowers, jewels, dresses, young prettiness – that was about it. It’s a really interesting approach for a movie (especially one based on an historical figure), because there is no heavy hitting moral, no deep insight into someone’s life, no inner character monologue. The movie feels more like a series of fun party tableaux, and a great excuse to film inside the real Versailles (I’ve been there!!).
But it was also a bit like overloading on sugar, or putting on too much makeup, or looking at too many fashion magazines.

It also got me to rethink my last blog a bit. I still stand by it, but I do think beauty and youth for beauty and youth’s sake alone sometimes has a place in the world. Just think of all the paintings and poems and operas written for beautiful young muses! It’s just sad and hard to see it being glorified to such an unnatural extent in the modern world that even at 28 I feel pressure to use eye creams, have Botox ads geared at me, see models and actresses half my size being showered with work and money and glamour, and constantly witness the media pushing an unrealistic p.o.v. of what a woman of any age should look like.

Like so many things, it’s a tricky balance.

And like so many things, it’s hard not to be a hypocrite sometimes!

Because although I normally hardly ever wear makeup or worry about my hair, a day after seeing that jewels and candy visual feast, I sort of figured, “if I can’t drink champagne in expensive silk clothes and diamond brooches all day, and snack on the finest pastries in all of France, then maybe I can have a little girly fun anyway!”. So I slapped my hair into some extreme hairdos (boy I need to get it cut!), slathered on stage makeup, and took a bunch of self portraits.

They were lots of fun and very, very silly… too much for my “about me” website page, but I figured I could share them here.

Anyway. See “Marie Antoinette” instead of having dessert one night! I didn’t even mention how it’s all to a rad 1980’s soundtrack! With the most delicious and vibrant colors!