Adorable Photo Charms now available (plus – a photo charm GIVEAWAY!)

I’m now offering these lovely little photo charms.  Beautiful sterling silver, waterproof, handmade necklaces and bracelets…  as well as keychains, ornaments, boxes, rings, letter openers, paperweights, magnets, cufflinks, money clips, pins, frames, belt buckles…  good heavens!  I think that’s all. So far I’ve just tried the necklaces/ charms.  And I love them.  Honestly, I didn’t totally expect to – I thought they might feel a little cheesy – but, no.  They feel solid, smooth, reassuring, heirloom, and really nice next to the wearer’s heart.  They come in various sizes and styles, can be customized with letter charms or multiple sides, and are turned around super fast (so, still time to order for Christmas!). I love them enough to have had them made for both of Symphony’s grandmothers, as well as for myself.  I wear mine when I’m working and Symphony’s away from me. Now for the best partof all!  I’m going to give away one custom photo charm to a lucky winner.  Here’s what you have to do: -become a fan of Jessamyn Harris Photography on Facebook here -look through my sparkling new blog, here at, for a photo that you like (not necessarily the photo you want in the charm, just one that catches your eye). -post the link to the photo on the Jessamyn Harris Photography Facebook page -repeat as many times as you’d like! I’ll choose the winner randomly this Friday, December 2nd, so be sure to enter before then by posting your favorite photo link on the Facebook page.  If you win, you’ll get a free dime sized, circular photo charm with your choice of photo (taken by either you or me)!  It doesn’t have to be the photo that you link to on my page – it can be any shot that you love. This could be a great holiday present, or just an excuse to spoil yourself.  It certainly doesn’t have to be a charm with a photo of a baby – pets, spouses, or even something like a wedding bouquet could work. I can’t wait to see who wins!