I’m Jessamyn!

I live in Sonoma County with my family. I photograph people for a living, here in wine country, throughout the Bay Area, all along the West Coast and beyond.

I met my husband, Devon, in high school. We fell in love after being pen pals and making each other mix tapes, and have grown up to have an awesome daughter, Symphony.

We love living where we do, and getting to raise our girl to be a 7th generation Northern Californian.

I photograph portraits, weddings and companies as well as stock, assignments for publications, architecture and interiors, and more.

 I bring a respectful, loving and slightly silly approach to each photo assignment, capturing each subject’s essence, and creating unique, vibrant, and naturally beautiful images.

The best photos happen when everyone feels comfortable, at ease, and respected, so I work to create a joyful, gracious environment at every single shoot. You'll love the experience of being photographed as well as the end result.

(I am my own worst subject)

I started learning photography originally in an attempt to get a photo of myself that I liked. Now I thrive on working with even the most camera-shy people like me! No matter how awkward someone feels in front of the camera, they'll never be as uncomfortable as I am when I'm forced out from behind mine for a photo.

I work throughout Wine Country and the Bay Area, and I'm passionate about capturing and sharing the beauty of the West Coast, as well as traveling to new places and finding commonality in peoples’ lives wherever I go.

I started out in photography over 20 years ago, listening to too-loud music in a tiny, poorly-ventilated homemade black and white film darkroom (laundry room), and photographing my friends in bands just for fun.

My work has appeared in publications varying from Wine Spectator to Punk Planet, the Knot to the Onion, and countless other publications, business settings, websites, and happy portrait clients’ walls. 

Take a look at my commercial client list here.

I have tons of experience taking pictures of real people in natural light, with film and with digital gear. I've worked in just about every situation you can imagine, and find beauty and grace in it all.

As you can see, I don't do manicures – my hair has a mind of its own – and I prefer to hide behind the camera.

What you can’t see here is my smile. Even when my big-ass camera is covering my face entirely, I can’t help but have a huge, goofy grin across my face, pretty much non-stop. 

I'm in the flow, and I'm beaming support and care out to my subjects! I'm the loving mom that believes in you, wants you to feel great about yourself, and will gas you up so we can get the perfect shot!

I think my clients can feel my smile, even when it’s hidden.

I love my job; the goofy grin is genuine.

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