Summertime Refreshments

fig party 2015 Jack London State Park © Jessamyn Harris

    One quick image from last week’s the girl and the fig staff party, to sum up summer.  Frozen custard and chilled, local white wine.  Cheers!

Suite D Sunday Supper, Sonoma

Suite D ©Jessamyn Harris (34)

A few years ago I had the pleasure of photographing Sondra of the girl and the fig for Wine Spectator.  Of course, I’m also familiar with their amazingly tasty food and great service at weddings!  So it was wonderful to … Continue reading

Randi and Jared, Cline Cellars, Sonoma

Randi and Jared, Cline Cellars, ©Jessamyn Harris (12)

(click on the image above for the slideshow) Randi and Jared were married at Cline Cellars last summer, in the most awesome mix of Jewish/ Mormon/ secular/ musical theater (!) and loving traditions ever!  They have so much fun with … Continue reading