Symphony in the garden, Petaluma


It’s been awhile since I shared any personal photos or behind the scenes stuff here, so I thought I’d throw on a few of my sweet daughter, Symphony.  Due to traffic and scheduling challenges, I actually ended up photographing Aditi … Continue reading

Summertime Selfie, and Symphy

selfie and symphy at consties

I have been working and mothering nonstop these recent, beautiful days!  We’re embracing the last few bits of summer before Symphony starts kindergarten (!!!).  Although it’s going to be a wonderful next step in my baby’s growing up – and … Continue reading

Happy happy happy Pride 2015!!!


YAY!!! So much happy dancing and happy tears happening!  Marriage is legal for people who love each other!! I very lightly explained to my sweet rainbow- and love-loving girl why I’m so joyful and excited (more love!  more freedom!  and, … Continue reading