Diane, Danny, Maya and Jenna – and Symphony and T...

I have a lot of cousins, aunts, and uncles, and they’re all so special to me!  These photos of Diane’s family are now a couple of years old (noticing a theme with my blog posts lately?!) but they’re such a comfort for us with family living far away.  (Too far away!)

Our girl Symphony loooooves them too.

And then there’s this little dude, my nephew, Thomas. He’s a little tiny squish here, and is growing – walking, talking, playing.  And getting a new sibling this fall!

Constance’s Surprise Birthday Party, Helen Putnam...

My backlog of photo-shoots-to-be-blogged means that this one is from some time ago…  but who cares?  It’s a great treat for me to get to relive this beautiful evening.  My cousins planned a surprise celebration of their mother, Constance, for a big birthday celebration.   But because she’s the consummate hostess, and most of their family celebrations are sprawling, wonderful, delicious parties at her house, the boys had to get crafty in the planning.  So they hiked a ton of supplies wayyy up a brutal hill in southern Petaluma, and we all tested our endurance to join them.  Worth it!

Constance is actually something like my second cousin – or maybe there’s a once-removed in there? – but she feels more like an aunt…  or a best friend.  Her mom and my mom’s mom were identical twins!  So I feel extra close to all of my cousins, first or second, and I’m lucky enough that they treat me like one of them.  That, or I’ve elbowed my way in enough times that they’ve gotten used to me, and are stuck with me for good now!

Love you, Constie!

Laura and Ken – sneak peek

Laura and Ken’s wedding was my first time shooting at Paradise Ridge Winery and I am in love!  Why on earth did it take me so long to check out a location just a few miles from my home?

Just one shot of the sweetness of Laura and Ken’s love and admiration for each other, but it’s a wedding that I’m super eager to edit. And I can’t wait to shoot at Paradise Ridge again, pretty please!