Summer film

Just a few film shots to share for now - a small break in my busy work season .  This is the perpetual struggle: I have SO many photos I want to post and share and relive, but even more photos to edit and get to their proper recipients!  So the blog gets pushed back, and back, and back.  And OH do I have photos I want to share!  Perhaps tomorrow…  tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow.  Stay tuned!

Bobbi and Casey’s Vow Renewal, Healdsburg Country...


(See the slideshow here)

Bobbi and Casey had a vow renewal ceremony after Christmas for their 13th anniversary.  They had Healdsburg Country Gardens all to themselves, and I got to witness these lovebirds reflecting on 13 loving years together, and tearfully promising many, many more.  How sweet and wonderful my job can be sometimes!

baby Eloise and family

Some fun family portraits of one of my favorite families, and a special portrait of Eloise for her first birthday party invitation!

Symphony and Harper had to participate, too!

In a sweet moment of cousin-closeness, Symphony said “well, I need to be in this photo, too, because I’m a part of their family.”  Cute!

Mini Portrait Day! Sunday, May 4th, Santa Rosa

Hooray!  I have a very limited number of Mini Portrait sittings available next Sunday, May 4th.  The location will be in a park/creek/ farm forest-style nook at my daughter’s preschool here in Santa Rosa with lovely greenery, redwoods, and natural light.  I haven’t offered a special like this in years, so email or call me asap to reserve your family’s spot!

The package (on May 4th only!) includes a 20 minute portrait (for your family of up to 5 people), a digital image file and print release of the best photo, as well as every final shot posted online to share, view, etc.  Mother’s Day is the following week, and trust this mom when I say this will be a fantastic present for yours!

(And, yes, I will also be taking a portrait of my own family that day, because just like you, it feels like we never have the time for a nice family photo.)

You’ll also have the option to buy additional image files for a special price of $20 each, or $150 for a collection of 10.

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to my daughter’s wonderful preschool.  Appointments will be in half hour increments throughout the day starting at 10am, but you must schedule ahead.  You can reach me at 707-235-8953 or .

(I confess, it was a blast going through these portraits to find some of my favorites.  I can’t resist this one of Symphony at age 2.5, “helping” me take pictures of her cousins’ family!)