Jennifer and Jon, Kunde Winery and St. Francis Winery, ...

New in 2015: less is more, so in an attempt to share the soooooooo many photo shoots I’ve yet to blog, I’m going to cut out the thinky words I usually try to post, and just let the pictures speak for themselves.

Jennifer and Jon, a small Sonoma Valley destination wedding for these New Yorkers, with their closest friends and family at Kunde Winery ceremony, with St. Francis Winery reception.

Colorful rainy day girls

In the midst of wrapping up my wedding season’s editing and album designing, I really appreciate the chance to do a tiny photo shoot just for fun!  Symphony and our neighbor friend, Gracie, could be twins, except for the hair.  One curly, one straight.

We are expecting lots more rain here in Northern California this week – lovely, wonderful rain! – after a crazy long drought.  It’s a little bittersweet, because we will still need SO much more rain to dig out of the drought, and because flooding is not great, either.  But it’s easy to just feel thrilled with the stormy weather, especially with such joyful California girls who finally get to use their boots, raincoats and umbrellas!


Katie and Sam Engagements, San Francisco Botanical Gard...

I love photographing couples in the San Francisco Botanical Garden!  It’s spread out but you can’t get lost too easily (which is a good thing for me – since I have no sense of direction and love to wander), and there’s such a beautiful diversity of plant life on the grounds, that there is guaranteed to be some gorgeous light somewhere (if not everywhere).  Katie and Sam are charming, happy, smart people who love each other truly.  What could make for a sweeter shoot?!

You can view the slideshow of my favorites here.

Oh, San Francisco, how I love you!


And there went summer 2014…

Oh, my poor, sweet, neglected blog.  I just haven’t had time for you.  It’s been for good reason – this year, I’ve been shocked at how much work has been coming my way.  Even with a ghost town of a blog – a still-unfinished website (I know that less is more, but I would still love a chance to update my portfolios, and cringe a bit when I think of clients looking at a half done site – it feels naked!) – and a very tight schedule, I’ve been working nonstop for months!  Each shoot is appreciated, and I am always grateful for all of the work – but I so am looking forward to a chance to catch my breath….  and to catch up with my editing.  If you have a shoot you are waiting for me to deliver to you, thank you for your patience: I promise it will be worth the wait!  I am always happy to pull out one or two shots upon request, if there’s something specific that you are dying to see right now!  Otherwise – bear with me as I diligently work through each photo.  I’ve tried to edit more efficiently by using auto settings, presets… I’ve tried letting go of my desire to exactly color correct and density/ contrast balance each and every photo…  but I just hate to release images that feel unfinished out into the world.  Apparently being a control freak about the final edits of my photography is the one place it’s good to obsess.

So, patience.  It’s a virtue, right??  I have been learning patience very intensively for the past 5 years or so…  I remember being pregnant and feeling excited that pregnancy and having an infant would be opportunities to learn patience.  And, boy, were they!  Just not the kind of angelic, calm and relaxed ease that I imagined patience would be.  I’ve since realized that real patience is NOT that kind of gentle sweetness I had imagined.  The patience I’ve been learning is more about not yelling out in frustration when your child won’t/ can’t fall asleep – taking deep breaths when you’re asked the same question ten times in a row – letting yourself laugh instead of cry when your brand new high end camera drops onto concrete – and, above all, patience is waiting for a 4 year old to put her shoes on.

Back to the photos – thank you for your patience.  Hopefully yours is a little more of the shining angelic loveliness that comes from knowing there’s an exciting event (why, the unveiling of your wedding photos, of course!) on the horizon.  Mine will continue to include practicing patience with myself – when there are 10 other things I want to be doing, but the most urgent thing of all is reading a story about a kitten to my daughter.  And part of that has been learning to let go of trying to turn around whole wedding photo collections within 2 weeks (or even 2 months, lately).  I’ve estimated that I’ve taken well over 30,000 photos so far this year, so my patience will also be the meditation of looking through each of those photos again – making sure it’s the best it can be – and remember that fraction of a second all over again.

More photos, coming soon.  In the meantime, this one sure is pretty, right?  xo