Randi and Jared, Cline Cellars, Sonoma

Randi and Jared, Cline Cellars, ©Jessamyn Harris (12)

(click on the image above for the slideshow) Randi and Jared were married at Cline Cellars last summer, in the most awesome mix of Jewish/ Mormon/ secular/ musical theater (!) and loving traditions ever!  They have so much fun with … Continue reading

New Album and Image Box Samples

Albums and image boxes, ©Jessamyn Harris (15)

  I’ve got some new client albums, sample albums, parent albums, and Image Boxes to share.  And more coming soon.  These are so fun to design! Kier and Will’s personal album isn’t finished yet, but here’s a sample I had … Continue reading

San Francisco Brides Magazine

SF Brides Magazine (1)

SF Brides asked to showcase several of my couples’ images in their “Love Abounds: Hitched in San Francisco” section.  You can see these shots in the back of the magazine online or in print.  Fun!