Chicago Part Four (fin)

This is my last post, covering day 5 of our trip and day 6, which was just me traveling home. Austin wanted to cram a ton of stuff in to our last day – and I did, too, but it … Continue reading

Chicago Part Three

On Sunday, Jackie and Marcin drove Austin and I Northwest (not sure what neighborhood) to visit some of my friends from college. I got to see Dan, Jenna (and meet her fiance and their puppy!), Summer (and meet her husband … Continue reading

(slight detour)

I love this song so so so so much. The video too. It’s basically perfection. The hair! The music! The staircase! The SUCH soulful singing! The “plot” of the video! I just wanted to share. This has been one of … Continue reading

Chicago Part Two

On our third day of travel, we started off with a quick dip in Lake Michigan – the weather was hot enough for us to swim; the lake was just warm enough but still cool and clean; everything was perfect! … Continue reading