behind the scenes

Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes of a commercial photo shoot? Maybe you don’t; like movie sets, it’s kind of boring. But fun. And silly; but serious. I recently had the opportunity to assist a friend of mine … Continue reading

crafty girls

My friend Ona (you may recognize her from our recent Vintage Radio shoot) hosted a craft party back in late November. Although I didn’t feel crafty and had nothing specific to work on, I stopped by for delicious snacks and … Continue reading

best spam mail yet

Unless you’re a wedding photographer, you probably don’t already know that there are a lot of email scams directed towards us… it’s weird. I’ve tried to figure out if other service-oriented professionals are doing this, but I really don’t know. … Continue reading

christmas with the in-laws

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas weekend (and enjoyed an extra day off!). Ours was spent rushing from family to family – enjoying it all, but totally wiped out at the end. Has anyone solved the mystery of how … Continue reading