voting is good!

to keep things uber democratic (sort of), as well as to help me make a decision… I’m taking votes on your favorite shot(s) of the following, for a contest I’m entering. please help me decide! thanks!

and that’s not all…

I forgot to post the photos that Megan took of me (my brother took those other ones, on my strict instructions), so here they are as well! I love them! Now we just need to find time to get her … Continue reading

our friday shoot-out!

This last “Black Friday” (day after Thanksgiving), I met up with my photographer friend Megan Clouse in downtown Petaluma to photograph each other. We’ve been trying for months to get together to exchange portraits, but who has time during the … Continue reading

Working on my art book samples

I’m starting to design coffeetable / art book style albums, by a company called Asuka Books. You can get the pages in glossy or matte finishes, and the books themselves are either hard cover and stitch bound, hard cover and … Continue reading