Tierney and Daniel, Engagement Portraits, Fort Point, S...

Tierney and Daniel are getting married in the Bay Area this summer – although they just moved to separate parts of the East Coast to start their medical residencies!  Right before they left, we got to play around, shooting engagement portraits by the Golden Gate Bridge.  It was a perfectly fogged in day – just enough for some nice diffusion and romantic sense of mystery/ film noir, but not so much that we couldn’t see the bridge (or each other).  I love the pops of red from Tierney’s coat and the bridge.  I never, ever get tired of our beautiful landmark bridge, and the drive through the rainbow tunnel on the north side never fails to put a big, proud grin on my face as the bridge comes perfectly into view.

And look at these sweethearts!  I’m so excited to work with them.

Sophie and Terry, Campovida, Hopland, Part 2

Here’s part 2 of Sophie and Terry’s beautiful Campovida wedding from last summer.  I always seem to save a few favorite summer weddings to blog in the midst of pouring rainy days!


And just for variety, here are a few film shots:


Kelly and Company did the wonderful planning and coordination, and you can check out Campovida’s website here.  I highly recommend taking a visit if you find yourself anywhere remotely near the Hopland area.  They have delicious honey, olive oil, vegetable and fruit gardens/ orchards, and of course, wine.  All on stunningly beautiful property, perfect for a picnic.  I’ve got to get my family up there just for fun sometime soon – perhaps I can stretch out a site visit for this year’s weddings into a family fun day!

Sophie and Terry, Campovida, Hopland, Part 1

(Check out the wedding slideshow here)

 Sophie and Terry were married at beautiful Campovida in Hopland!  I love summer and the gorgeous, dry landscape of Mendocino County, and Campovida really doesn’t have a bad view in any direction.