Leah and Colby’s Engagements, Santa Clara

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I love the bright color of Leah’s dress in these photos – and the way the light comes through so you can feel the brilliance of California’s summer sunshine.  These photos were taken on the day of Napa’s BIG earthquake last August, but these two don’t look shaken up, do they?

Family Vacation in Glen Ellen

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I got to photograph several generations of this lovely family last summer.  They get together every year for a week of togetherness and cousin bonding.  Which I totally love!  Plus, you can’t keep the kids from climbing trees, so there were many great chances for kid-in-trees photos.

Amelie and family


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Baby Amelie grew up quickly!  We shot these photos of her family last year at their home, and running around the Marinwood Community Center park.  I imagine she’s about twice as big already, these days…  adorable, sweet, and super active girl!

Laura and Ken’s Engagements, Kunde Estate, Kenwoo...

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Laura and Ken are going to be so fun to photograph on their wedding day!  Here, we got to ramble around the grounds at Kunde, and the light and love were wonderful to capture.